Blue Flower

Quality Procedures
Here at Astromech Web design we hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. The list below is the absolute minimum requirements for any existing or future client website/s.
1) Client information. Is to be kept updated, correct & secure. *Contact details in particular*
2) Domain Registrar. Use a registrar with a proven track record for reliability and stability. (if the client has an existing domain. Advise the client of the benefits of using a registrar we recommend)
3) Domain Hosting. Use our preferred hosting provider. Advise the client of the proven track record of our current hosting company.
4) Check coding on all client web pages and validate them all before uploading to test directory.
5) Check browser compatibility while website in test directory.
6) Visually check every page for any visible errors.
7) Test each and every link on every page for functionality
8) If the website shows no errors on test host. Upload to target host location.
9) Rerun through steps 5 to 7 and revalidate each page using
10) Get a second person to check and validate once the website is live.
11) All checks complete and website verified. Advise client that their website is live.
12) Inform accounts if website was to be completed before payment for billing.
13) Check website daily for stability
14) Add website to Our Portfolio page