Blue Flower

As designers we consult closely with our clients to identify the purpose of the Web site,
the intended users, and the goals they wish to achieve through the site.
Our Staff Core Values.
Every Staff member agrees to uphold and advance the honour, dignity and effectiveness of being a professional. This entails being a good citizen and acting within the law and abiding by the following company values:
  • Honesty - You will be honest in your representation of the company in client dealings, services and products at all times.
  • Respect – We treat our clients and web visitors with respect at all times.
  • Competence – We will maintain a high level of Competence, as well as staying current with new trends in the web development and design industry.
  • Professionalism - We will work diligently to ensure a timely delivery and success of every website.
  • Transparency – We will show upfront what our rates and fees are from initiation of project to ensure the client has clarity on the website cost.
Our Client responsibilities.
Our duty to our client is to advise them on the implications of all design decisions, concerning technical design, functionality and presentation.
We will protect sensitive information given by clients and customers as private and confidential. All credit card, security and personal information transactions will be performed on secured servers (SSL encryption).
We comply with international coding standards to ensure that any effects are multi browser compliant.
We consider that follow up support and maintenance is a vital part of the web site design contract.
We have the responsibility to the best of our ability to advise our clients where site content appears to be deceptive or untruthful, or where it may contravene local laws. We have the ethical responsibility to refuse a job that appears to involve illegal content.
We are not afraid to say ‘no.’ You have hired us for our expertise. If you request something we think will hurt your reputation or ours, we’ll tell you so and we’ll tell you why.  If you insist, we’ll say ‘no.’
We consider that follow up support and maintenance is a vital part of the web site design contract. Analysis and tracking are crucial to your websites future. We will monitor these on a regular basis.